Hi! I'm Francesco Gentile

I use Software to solve real problems

Let's solve something together
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About me

I'm Francesco Gentile

A Fullstack developer with experience in AI and Web3.

I’m a firm believer in practice over theory so I’m constantly learning and trying out new ways to improve the ways I bring value to the world.

After some time working for companies and freelancing I have decided to start Bestem.dev where , along with my team, we focus on building technology for a better today.


You can send me an e-mail at:

[email protected]

If you'd rather use other means of communication or just want check out what I do on other platforms you can go to any of the following:

I'm most active here. I usually post stories of what books I'm reading or when I manage to fix a bug at 3AM. Event photos also go here.

Tweets about AI, LLM agents, web3, fullstack dev, etc.

Project demos, stream recordings and old videos playing guitar and making animations. I might start vlogging or doing tutorials here.

I stream, sometimes. Coding and Rimworld.

Some of my projects are here.

In case you want to talk about work.